Firmware Updates



Well I have a yamaha CRW2100EZ and when I start Clone Cd it gives me some sort of firmware error. Now how do I go about fixing that? It says I have the wrong firmware for the drive now how and where do I get the updates for it?


For Firmware Updates:

Hope that helps…


OK but that page had the model Yamaha CRW2100E and I have the CRW2100EZ should I update it with the E or do I need to find the exact model?


Oh and what do the 1.0g, 1.0h, 1.0n mean and which one of them should I install if indeed I need to install the regular crw2100e.


Firmware is the software inside your writer which for instance makes all the electrical/mechanical components work together. Go to the Yamaha site, locate your writer, select the latest firmware (unless CloneCD wants another version, select that one). In your case I guess you need 1.0n for CRW2100EZ. Find the exact model unless Yamaha states that you can use the same firmware for both versions…