Firmware updates

I wondered if my HP9100series cdwriter any good with clone. I know its only got a 8 write speed but been offered it for a £10 and its working.

Also its firmware c if i remember is there any updates and is it any good with the latest version of clone as i want a backup writer incase.

So what do you reckon should i or shouldnt i that is the QUESTION.:confused:

You burner is compatible with clonecd. I know because a friend of mine also has the same burner and he has not had any problems with it. As to whether you should sell it, that’s up to you and the question regarding firmware updates, well, I suggest you look up the HP web site for starters and see… Check it out! Go on…get!

HP writers are the worst writers when it comes to backing-up the popular SafeDisc 2 protection. Not all HP writers have this problem but most do (see here). What I would recommend is to get yourself a Lite-On writer and keep the HP as a spare or sell it, but 10 pounds is not really worth selling the drive for.