Firmware updates?

Hi all

I want to know how do I go about finding a firmware update
if the update is not out or say the update isnt by pioneer could it be a better update

here is what I was told about

I have a Pioneer DVR 109 writer and was looking for the firmware update of
the RC1 release…

is that a bogus one or is it released by someone else ?

thanks just need some ideas and opinions…

have a nice day

RC1… you surely mean RPC-1.

Check TDBs page

RPC1 is the “regionless” hack, though it does only half the job - to prevent sofware region control spoiling your fun, a tool such as DVD Regionkiller or DVD Genie is required (older tools that will only work with a RPC1 drive), more recent tools such as DVDIdle and DVD43 will also work with a RPC1 drive, but do not require it.

It is NOT a performance improvement or a pre-release, and is ONLY required if you wish to bypass the tyranny of DVD region control.