Firmware updates

I just got a Benq DW1640 firmware BSHB. I just want to know how to apply the updates. Will the latest firmware cover everthing the previous updates had or do I have to install all the previous updates up to the most current.

Just install the most recent one. Download, unzip and run the exe, then reboot when it asks.


Just download BSKB and flash your drive. Make sure there is no media in drive when you flash and all programs are closed.

where can I find the bskb firmware?

Right here:

I just installed my 1640 and it came with BSHB. I downloaded BSKB and I can’t upgrade the firmware. I open the flashing program and it gives the message “don’t turn off the power, don’t remove drive etc while flashing”
I say ok to continue to flash and the program just exits. There is no disc in the drive and I don’t know why I can’t flash. I also tried BSJB and the same thing.

Any ideas?

Also I got it from newegg. Newegg lists it as “BenQ Beige IDE DVD Burner Model DW1640 BG OEM - OEM” Does it have to do with being an OEM?

Close as many programs as possible, stop antivirus, etc. If that doesn’t help… are you using NVIDIA IDE drivers or other chipset IDE busmaster drivers? If you are, roll back to the MS ones.

Edit: With that many drives in the machine, I guess you’re using add in cards. Try moving the drive to one of the on board controllers.


The drive is already on the primary master on my motherboard. I closed all programs except for the nessecary windows ones. I am using MS IDE drivers. I managed to find the BSKB.cvt file and was able to flash with WinDWFlash. Still no go with any version of the official benq flashers. Wierd.

Anybody know how the .cvt files are made?

Maybe the flasher gets confused with so many drives to check, lol. There might be a limit … 4 perhaps. Just guessing.


After rebooting I installed Qsuite 2.0. Same thing happens as the flasher. It gives the message, “Qsuite is limited to a select few Benq drives etc” then exits after I hit ok. I didn’t have any problems with qsuite with my 1625. Maybe the limit is 8.