Firmware Updates Render My Burner Useless


Ever since I purchased my Lite-On LDW-451S burner I have had no luck with updating the firmware, I purchased a bundle of cheap media from eBay and was having no luck at all getting any good burns, I decided to go back to the original firmware GSB6 and while the burns were still not good (crap media) they improved remarkably. I now only use my Lite-On for scanning as it will not even create a good burn using TDK (TTG02) media, now I burn with my Pioneer A07-XLA v1.21, and the scans on my Lite-On were coming out amazing, I had never seen scans like these before. Anyway, I decided to update the firmware on my Lite-On to the latest version (GSBC) seeing as though it was a scanner only now, but now when I scan my burns they come out crap, even the discs that first scanned excellent were now scanning bad, I put my firmware back to GSB6 and magically all my burns are scanning as before. So are my burns bad and I am getting unreliable results with the old firmware, or is it more likely a problem with the drive + firmware seeing as though the drive reads and writes bad when the firmware is updated. By the way all the discs actually viewed so far have been excellent.


flash your drive with the CG4E firmware and reset your EEPROM.

Ok, sounds easy.

I am assuming that this is some kind of cross flashing. I know about resetting the EEPROM but could you provide a bit more detail about the cross flashing as I have never done it.


your drive will become a 832s. just download the patched CG4E firmware from codeguys site and run it. after the flash you can reset the learned media data and hope for better burns.

Thanks, I will give that a go.

Ok, Updated to CG4E and burned a disc. Below are the results, first I scanned it while still in CG4E and the n I reverted back to GSB6 and you can clearly see that GSB6 out performs CG4E in the reading. This is something that GSB6 does consistently, I am now worried that all my burns are crap and GSB6 is giving me a false positive.

While the burn according to GSB6 is reasonable, it in no way compares to what I get out of my Pioneer, is it possible that my drive is faulty? I know that when I bought the Lite-On it came with GSB6 and it has only ever performed reasonably with the firmware installed.