Firmware updaters for 48125W->40125S conversion help!

Hi i overclocked my liteon 40125s to the 48 version all was well but now the motor on the drive has stopped,so returning it but need to flash back (but i dont have a floppy drive…as it is a small factor pc)so i need one of those flashers you can use in windows(i used 1 to flash up but the ftp server here is down for me to flash back)can someone provide me with the 40125s firmware please.

CDR-Info has changed their IP address, and maybe your DNS server hasn’t been updated yet.

Try :slight_smile:

sorry still cannot get the files…

Can anyone else manage to get the hacked flasher so i can down grade drive back to original 40125s ?

Need to return drive.

Which do you want, ZS0K?

If so, post your email address. :wink:

Yes please ZS0K is perfect thanks…it is the hacked version…yes ?

My E-Mail is

Yes, the same file from CDR-Info.

Check your mail. :wink:

Thankyou Inertia for the file…and everyone else who offered it as well…flashed back with no problems:bigsmile: