Firmware updated and ran test here's the results

I just want to double check and make sure that i can use my burner properly and not make anymore coasters :a i used nero to test.

here are the results


AVERAGE= 29.97x
START= 21.91x
END= 29.93x

TYPE= p-cav


RANDOM= 113ms
1/3= 117ms
FULL= 317ms



Assuming your drive is internal…that burst rate is a little low. Is your DMA enabled?

Make sure it’s enabled, then try another burn.


Yes it’s an internal drive and the dma IS enabled it actually says ultra dma enabled.

Try a test burn with the new firmware. :slight_smile:

What is your burner?

From the tests I’d assume a CD burner so maybe the burst rate is OK.

Hi :slight_smile:
With TRT speeds of AVERAGE= 29.97x /START= 21.91x /END=29.93x :iagree:
If it is a DVDRW then I want one. :bigsmile:
Obviously it isn’t. :disagree:
So burst rate is about right.DMA is enabled. :doh:
(Do I get the kippers now or later?) :stuck_out_tongue:

Please attach the Nero CD-DVD Speed image here (save as PNG). I would assume there is a problem at the end of the disc (CD) since the Transfer Rate test started at 21.91x with average almost 30x (thus it should be a straight 40x/48x max) but at the end it slowed down to 29x.

[I can’t seem to copy and paste my results

Attaching Nero CDSpeed/Kprobe image to your post:

i hope this worked

oh good! The read out is totally different every time??


Hi :slight_smile:
As you probably know by looking around forum, should look like this. Try checking connections. Using device manager uninstall drive, then reboot so as tp let Windows find/reinstall drive.

Derek, I’m glad you followed my advice but 10 minutes between last post and bump is a little optimistic ;).

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@derek: please post Nero InfoTools log within

 tags here. You should get burst rate over 21MB/s even for CDRW burner if it's in UDMA2.

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ok so i uninstall and reinstalled rebooted and this i swhat i got :sad:

Hi :slight_smile:
OK so much for that. Can you now do as zevia suggests & post Nero InfoTool log?

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