Firmware update



hi guys! i have LG GCE-8481B Drive. I just saw the latest firmware update for it ( 1.04 posted at homepage ) .

I would just like to know whether I can get a firmware which can upgrade the drive to 52X .

If I write more than 6 cds at a row, will anything happen to the drive?

a another thing , will updating ASPI drivers very usefull???

I read in the forum that 8480 users used a firmware to updated it to 48X which was very surprising . I did not know that a fireware update could do some much.

my LG is Asian one , I got Nero Burning Rom free with it and Mt.Rainer Method is supported.

Bye then;) :wink:



In general, all gce-848x and gce-852x drives are hardware compatible, and share any of the firmware versions available. Only difference seems to be in the number of LEDs (read/write indicators), so do not hesitate to try… the 8520B firmware in your 8481B. It works.
Other than that is whether you really gain anything by going to 52x from 48x. The fact seems to be that 52x may just be too dangerous (writing quality, reliability and even sefety wise) just to
gain 5-10 seconds.