Firmware update

I have the GBC-H20L I recently installed on my homebuilt computer. I bought the Spiderman trilogy to test it out and everything seemed fine. Even with the basic PowerDVD software. Then I rented the just released Australia blue ray movie. It instructed me to update in order to play the movie. I did a firmware update via LG’s update utility but it would not play.
I also went to Cyberlink and downloaded a trial version of DVD9 but it still wouldn’t play. I’m ready to try Arcsoft’s TotalMediaTheater but I can’t find a trial version and would hate to spend the money if it still wont play or if a firmware update is all that is needed. When I brought the movie back to Blockbuster it played fine on their Play Station 3. What’s your recommendation?

Which firmware update from LG? and what is your firmware now?

Did you restart your PC after firmware update and installing PDVD9?

I don’t have Australia to test unfortunately.

The only firmware info I saw was 9.09.0109.01, and yes I did reboot. I’ve been reading where some software programs seem to be more successfull reading more blue ray content. That’s where I heard about ArcSoft Total Media Theater. But I’m still leaning toward a firmware solution.

I got the 9.09 as the new firmware was updating. I don’t know how to check the update #. Is there a tool I can use to see this info? When I called BestBuy about my trouble watching “Australia” on blue ray, they said that if I did the firmware update and it still wouldn’t play that I might have a defective player and to try another one. I haven’t done that yet. It still plays my Spiderman blue rays without any issues.

If you can take out your drive easily, on the label it will show your original firmware, for example “ROM VER.: 1.B0”. It means the firmware is 1.B0.

You can check your current firmware with almost any burning program, eq ImgBurn and Nero. If you have Nero installed, try Nero DiscSpeed.

PowerDVD9 trial cannot be use to play Blu-ray, according to their website


  • 30 day working trial.
  • No DVD-Audio available during the playback of CPPM protected content.
  • Does not support the playback of CPRM protected content.
  • [B]Does not support Blu-ray Disc playback[/B]

Your option is to contact LG and check if they have an update for the PowerDVD that comes with the drive. Or you can check by yourself here (find update for OEM):

Nero InfoTool shows firmware 1.BO which is the one listed as the one the drive came with.

Okay that’s good, since there’s no firmware update for the drive yet. It was probably a PowerDVD software update. Please check what is your PowerDVD version (complete version), by clicking “About” and click on your name.

I have used TotalMedia Theatre to play HD-DVD and Blu-Ray - I think that it has been worth the money since I purchased it.

I have 2 PowerDVD shortcuts on my desktop. One for PowerDVD and one for PowerDVD9. The blue-ray discs I own play from either one. When I downloaded the PowerDVD9 trial version it removed the PowerDVD7 that came with the player. So I do not have a complete version right now. I could reload it off my installation disc if that would help. I also will have to rent “Australia” again to test to see if it will play it. Is there a newer firmware available yet for this LG player? I see megadeath gave it a first look.

Even though I can play my blue-ray movies with the included PowerDVD software, it looks like I will purchase TotalMediaTheater and give that a try. It seems to work well with Vista MCE.