Firmware update?

Hi I just did a google on my Rat shack presidian pdr-3222 and found this site, It looks like a great site. I searched and found what I beieve is the right file for me but how does one update this set top box ?? Do I burn this file to a cd then put it in the box?? It will not burn anymore and I think it is a media speed problem as I cannot get 4x dvds around here just 16x. Thanks for any help !! :bow:

Before attempting to update firmware, you want to make certain that you have the correct file. If you do, then a firmware update is fairly safe. It may or may not resolve your problem. If it fails, you can always buy a new burner for around $30.00.

Also if you not sure take out your drive and look at the label that usually tells who manufacture your drive and look for their web site and go on the site and look for firmware update. Unless you have a pdf file manual then look there to find where to go on the web to find the update or firmware for your drive.

If this is an STB, then visit the site where you have downloaded the update.
They hold info how to update.