Firmware Update

I have downloaded the firmware update file below for a European (PAL) 5005

This unzips as:

All previous references have been to files in the form xxxxxxxx.D00

Have I downloaded the wrong file / not unzipped properly or have Liteon changed the filename format.

ILOHack.exe seemed to be happy to “amend” the xxxxxxxx.es5 file.

Depends on what you wanted to update, ESx is a system only update file while D00 is drive and system.
From the iLo website:
System Only: This extension will have one letter, an “S” and one number. Example, WMJA1185.DS1, WMJA1193.DS3, WMEA1098.ES4

Drive Only: This extension will have one letter, a “D” and one number. Example, WMJA1185.DD1, WMJA1193.DD3, WMEA1098.ED4

System and Drive: This extension will have one letter, and two numbers. Example, WMEA1097.E20, WMJA1191.D22, WMJA1193.D21

I want to turn Macrovision off. I have already set recorder to region free.

To disable MV you have to hack the firmware. This can be done manually using a hex editor or can be done by using the ILOHacker program. Manual editing is more difficult and you really need to know what you are doing. But you can modify the FW to change only the parameters you wish to change. ILOHacker is easy to use, but some forum members question whether or not it is the best choice for all regions and models of Liteon recorders.

There are many posts on ILOHacker. Just do a forum search for the programs and you will find all the necessary links.


As you are in the EU your recorder will have scart, so another option available to you if you don’t want to mess about with firmware is to use a Scart lead that overcomes the MV protection.

This is a UK site but you should be able to find similiar nearer you.