Firmware Update

I´ve been searching this forum to update my Sonys DW-D26A Firmware, found that it is a LiteON 1673S, went to the firmware section but link for that LiteON model is not working. Searched Liteons website and found an exe file in this URL:
doubled clicked the downloaded exe file and says me:

No matched drive detected!

Also have read the guide to flash firmware with mtkflash, but where can I find the bin file? I have not flashed the drive yet, I have the boot disk but need the bin, Nero InfoTool says it has max Read 8x, max Write 4x.

Is this normal (Nero InfoTool info) before flashing?
What is that exe file?
Any idea where I can get .bin file? :confused:

Thanks in advance…

Flash the drive on your own risk.

alex, thanks for your intereset, but I´m trying to update the firmware, nothing to do with regions…
I think I need .bin file to update firmware and the use mtkflash, anybody knows where can I find this file?

It is a firmware page… and you can find there all types of firmware: original and modified, old and new.

You`re right :stuck_out_tongue:
How can I know which firmware should I download? JS02, JS05, JS07?
In the cdfreaks firmware section I´ve found JS02 but download is not working.

Nero InfoTool shows this:
Firmware version: JYS2
Date: ?
Serial number: (nothing)

And I´ve found at
this firmware versions:

LiteOn SOHW-1673S (Will NOT work in earlier 3S drives)
• JS01/JS02/JS05 - stock - unscrambled (old)
• JS07 - stock - unscrambled

Sony DRU-720A (rebadged LiteOn SOHW-1673S)
• JY02 - stock - unscrambled (old)
• JY03 - stock - unscrambled

Any idea which one should I use?

(I have a backup of the actual firmware made with mtkflash)

As I am not a LiteOn specialist, I would suggest visiting the LiteOn Forum in CDF, here:

I am sure CDFreaks can guide you through the necessary procedures.
Good luck.

alex thyl

can you make a firmwareextraction of your DVR-K14? I only have Firmware rev. 1.00

No chance for this, sorry…