Firmware update? where?!



So I have a game that has this problem and on the help website it says maybe I need to try updating my firmware… I’m a girl that knows enough about computers but this I do now know how to do!:sad:

And my cd rom drive is this thingy

Firmware version de04

anything else you guys need to know?

i need some help fast :[
i want to play this game where do i get a firmware update?!

THanks in advance to anyone! :flower:


I’ve already tried Dell’s website and they have no firmware updates on this system :[

I take it it’s a Samsung driver


Welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

What exactly is the problem you’re experiencing?

And yep…it’s a Toshiba-Samsung drive (with Dell’s own firmware, so you did the right thing looking for updates on Dell’s site).


It says to insert the game disk 1 to play and restart the game… but the disk was already in the drive and my friend suggested that it can’t read the disk and that hit me to go to microsofts site and it says that i need a firmware update because my drive might not be able to read the disk unless i do it


Ah, OK - so you’re specifically told to update your firmware if the game won’t run, by Microsoft?

Unfortunately, since that’s Dell’s own firmware on the drive, if Dell don’t offer anything more current, then you’re out of luck I’m afraid.

Unless someone else has any idea :frowning:


ok so i was able to get it open in SAFE MODE but it said it cannot read video memory size from direct draw?!?!?


That sounds like a graphics (or graphics driver, since you tried it in Safe Mode, where certain drivers aren’t loaded) problem.

Probably happened simply because those drivers weren’t loaded is all. :slight_smile:

I have an E520 myself (which came with an ATi Radeon X1300PRO video card. The PC also has onboard graphics, but mine is disabled).

Can you have a look in Device Manager, and tell us what video card you have (listed under “Display Adapters”).

Also, the name of the game you’re trying to run would be useful, just to make sure your video card is up to snuff :wink:


umm the video card is NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE

its zoo tycoon 2 ultimate collection

hey thanks you’ve been really helpful so far i really appreciate it :]

(maybe i need to enable directx in safe mode? but how in the heck can u do that since some features it says don’t work in safe mode)



DirectX wont work nor makes sense in safe mode.