Firmware update- Toshiba SD-R1612

Have XP Home SP2. Built by PC solutions, so a generic PC.
FoxConn is the mother board - if that’s helpful.
Recording software is Nero 6.5.

Just updated Nero as having problems making backups. Updating Nero did not help so wonder if I need an updated firmware on my Toshiba CDW/DVD (I do not know the current firmware- not much help with the PC’s Device Mgr).

Any help and link to a current firmware for the Toshiba would be great.


Hi and welcome to cdfreaks,

firmware for your SD-R1612 you´ll find at

Take care

Thanks. I did not see a way to enter the site. The link you provided looks like a welcome page- I can not read German.

It cannot work, a rd w was missing… should work.

You must flash in REAL DOS.

Thanks, three questions-

  1. how do I know if I have a TBXX firmware?
  2. How do I know if I need TB00 or TB01?
  3. How do I flash? or just choose one of the window zip downloads?

Thx again.

  1. Use DiscInfo
  2. You need the latest TB01
  3. How to upgrade TSST ODD firmware
  1. Extract the “*.Bin file(firmware)” and “Sfdnwin.exe file(download program)” contained in the ZIP archive to a temporary folder on a LOCAL hard disk drive.

  2. Run “Sfdnwin.exe”. A pop-up window will appear. you can see your Optical Disc-
    drive(s) in the Pop-up window.
    Then choose the drive whose firmware you want to upgrade.
    Example:Drive: TOSHIBA ODD-DVD SD-R1612TB00

  3. You will see three icons on the top from left.
    If you click the first icon from left, you can see “Investigation window” then open
    the firmware file that you already extracted to the temporary folder.

  4. You will see the message" Ready" after finding the firmware file that you want.
    Then click the middle icon on the top of left. Your firmware will be upgraded

  5. When you have finished upgrading the firmware, your pc will reboot automatically.

Note: Sfdnwin.exe is a Windows program which can download firmware to TSST drives.
(It is for only Windows)

Nero helped me to find the firmware version (for the Toshiba).
I have TB02-
Where might I find a replacement (and instructions if different from above)?
via the DiscInfo link, same firmware version. But seems TB02 is older than TB01 - is that correct?
Also via the Discinfo, the screen says (and in bold) “Lock Detected” - that can’t be good or is it? If I need to unlock, how?
On the discinfo site there was a down load under the Diskinfo for a ASPI32v - do I need that?

And on the page that lists many firmware updates for various Toshiba’s I saw a R1612 Xbo1 a patch for the RPCI firmware - same February date as the TB01. So, do I need that patch as well ? and if so install after the TB01, yes?

thanks a bunch for the help!

May you please respond to my post of 6 days ago?
Since I have TB02, not sure if I am still to install TB01- as TB02 seems the most current.


Finally able to get around to installing TB01.
I can make copies on a CDR.
But still having problems w/a CD-RW.

What exactly do you wanna achieve?

As noted a back up worked.
I then tried to make (test copy) music onto a CD-RW disk, so then was going to try another back later- but the first failed so never go to the second round.