Firmware Update to a Sony DW-D22A

I have a Sony DW-D22A and understand this is the same as the DRU-710A and I should use BSOY firmware

-I have downloaded “BSOY.EXE” from
-I have the progarm LtnFW from
-I can back my current firmware up using this program.

What I am unsure of is how to update the firmware of my Sony DW-D22A. My understanding is that I run LtnFW, select a binary file from a folder and then select “update” and hit start. I do not know how to get this binary file and the file I downloaded “BSOY.EXE” but it is an executable. Do I just run this executable and I don’t need to use “LtnFW”?

Can you please provide me with some guidance?

Just use the version from the codeguys

You can also flash CS0T, it’s even better and supports more mediacodes

:bow: Leo

what do I do with this “.rar” file? I am not sure how to flash my drive with this.


Unpack with WinRAR. You will find an .exe file in it. Run the .exe to flash your drive. In a PM I mentioned a second file with Sony ID. It’s not in there I think, if you need a file with Sony ID you can create one with the OmniPatcher.

:cool: Leo