Firmware update Teac DV-W22E!

I m having problems to update my Teac DV-W22E dvdwriter came with my Samsung P30 laptop. I have tried many times in DOS mode but it doesnt work. I dont have FD and I am using Winxp HOme. Does anyone has any IDea. Thanks.

How did you get into DOS without a floppy drive? With a bootable CD?

Make a bootable CD, then make a small FAT partition on your hard drive if it is NTFS, then use the bootCD to get into DOS. From real DOS, run the appropriate command to flash the drive.

I have a Samsung P30 Laptop too. I’ve made my USB-Memory Stick bootable. Thats the best way in my opinion, if you have one :cool: . Unfortunately after flashing this Firmware ->
the drive is not able to write DVD-RAMs anymore :sad: !
So be carefull what you do with your drive! I didn’t get any improvements with the flashed firmware. I’ve tried OptoDisc (EMTEC) and RiTEK (Octron) Media up to now. No difference between the old and the “new” firmware, the results are always crappy.
Btw.: Has anybody the original firmware for the DV-W22E with DVD-RAM support available?

Thanks a lots for the Information and the result of the new firmware…Muchas Gracias:bow: , i stick with my original one if it doesnt support the DVD-Ram.