Firmware Update ?s



Am I allowed to ask questions about how to download and install a Firmware Update in this forum? I have an HP Media Center PC with a 640b internal DVD Writer. I called HP support but find it near impossible to find anyone who speaks English that I’m able to understand.
I know where to download from and have printed the information out.
I’m not that good with computers and still have a few questions. They may sound dumb but I understand that if I screw up that it will damage the drive.
Any Pros out there? :rolleyes:


Yeah, this is the wrong forum and we’ll probably get chased out.
Recommend you post in optical drives or newbie forum.
I’m certain there are some pros lurking about, unfortunately I am not one of them. I’m your basic shadetree mechanic when it comes to pcs, built a few, troubleshoot the 6 pcs at home and a few friends and neighbors, but that’s about it…be glad to help you out though.

Anyway, many ppl update firmware without a problem and yes, you can upgrade to a very expensive paperweight… :eek:
Just follow the instructions…exactly.

Anyway, post a new thread and you’ll get the help you need…post the link to the firmware and instructions as well. We’ll need to know the actual manufacturer, eg., Benq, LG, Liteon, etc.

Good idea to include current issues…why you want to update… :wink:


Thanks maineman,
I’m getting help through PM.




From guess who.


Good work my friend.


My pleasure. Don’t be a stranger.