Firmware update request for LG DVD/CD Burner Model: GSA-H10L?



I’m looking for Firmware updates for my LG DVD/CD Burner Model: GSA-H10L
This forum support is really starting to suck because no one has helped me on the last few posts. I’ve made up my mind to leave this forum if I can’t get answers. Hell, I’ve had better support from a Video card forums on unrelated topics then here in the last 24 hours. That’s just sad!


Good-Bye! on to AV Forums which rips this a new a$$. You guys really suck!


Guess no-one can help you or just use “Search” and you will find answer


Have you never thought to go to the LG website & find it there.

It took less than 1 minute to find this link .

Before you start slagging off this forum try helping yourself first.


The answer was there in the LG FAQ :

Did you even bother to look through that first? Furthermore, the question has been asked many times before. Did you bother to do a few searches first?

This forum has no affiliation with LG in any way. The answers and information posted here are done so solely by people trying to help others out. Nobody is getting paid for posting anything here. If you expect to get a certain level of quality of service, then you are looking in the wrong place.

EDIT : didn’t realise TimC posted the link to the FAQ just before I posted this.


Thread is almost 2 years old, I wouldn’t really worry about it.


Don’t forget to banned[/quote]wish granted.


Nice of him to post his own picture as well.