Firmware update problem

Hi everyone-my first post so i hope i’m in the right forum.
I’ve been using a lite-on LH-18A1H without any problems
until i updated the firmware from HL06 to HLO7.
Since the update the drive will not recognise my Verb
DVD-R 16x.
Can i revert back to HL06?


Yes you can revert to the earlier firmware. I don’t think
the Liteon firmware installer will allow you to do it, but
you can find the tools you need here:

Make a backup of your EEPROM before you start.

Many thanks for the help-i reverted back to HL06 and the drive now
recognises the verbs again and burns without a problem.
Strange how an update precluded using verbs-it was’nt just the
verb dvd-r it would’nt recognise, the drive would’nt recognise verb
cd-r either.

Thanks again

I’m glad it worked for you. It is strange that the newer firmware
doesn’t support one of the most popular media types! Hopefully
they will fix this with the next firmware revision. I wonder if
other LH-18A1H users are having the same problem? I don’t
have an A1H, so I can’t test it myself.

BTW, Welcome to CD Freaks.

Recently I had similar problem with LiteOn SHM-165P6S that recognized MCC004 but had trouble burning which resulted in about 60% coasters with latest MSOR firmware, but flash back to MSOP firmware fixed that problem too. Just proves once again latest isn’t always best firmware.