Firmware update Panasonic SW-5583

I have a Panasonic (Matsushita) SW-5583 BD. I bought it in early 2008 with firmware version 1.00. I recently had problems playing the Iron Man BD, and thought it might be good to check for a FW update. Naturally, I cannot find it at Panasonic’s website, but I did find version 1.03 at 121ware. It is in chinese, but the FW file is at the bottom.

The BD drive is connected to an Intel IHC9R RAID port. I have the RAID set to disabled in the BIOS, however I still get the message “Target drive is not connected”. I would think the SATA port would function normally with RAID disabled. I know I can’t boot from the BD drive with it set to AHCI or RAID, but it will boot when set to ‘disabled’. Shouldn’t this work OK?

Has anybody had any luck updating the firmware on this drive?

any luck? I am having the same problem, with firmware 1.01 and 1.03 I receive the same message.

Without a correct OEM firmware you will not be able to update!

I bought thie SW-5583 from an eBay seller, who had bought the drives in bulk. There was no software. The files I did find online did not work.

Now Chef talks about the original OEM, that’s fine and dandy, but for those of us that bought the drive (ebay and Amazon are selling thes drives like crazy) independently, how would we even know what was the OEM in order to fix/get/update any firmware/drivers?

How do we find out who was the OEM?

I found out the hard way that Panasonic no longer supports the device and I’ve check with Dell (my PC manufactor) and they had nothing.

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Panasonic’s customer for optical drives have always been computer manufacturers. They did not intend to target end users as customer. Thus, there is no end customer support from Panasonic.

If you knew the original OEM customer (e.g. HP or Acer), then there might be a slight chance to get some updated firmware from there. How to find out? No idea. Perhaps the firmware revision of the drive might be a hint.

Usually, you have to use Panasonic drives “as is” due to the lack of support. If it doesn’t work, contact your vendor.