Firmware Update Needed for my SOHW 812S - Please help

I need a firmware upgrade for my 812S. I’m having some compatibility problems with my brand new Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-Rs (R47WPYSB8). I’m not sure which one I need to download, however.

I’ve read that people recommend codeguys, but I’m not sure which exact firmware file to download from here:

I’ve read that some people suggest downloading firmware for the 832S, but shouldn’t I dl something from the 812S list? Plesae tell me the exact file to dl.

Also, I’ve read that I should download the latest 812S firmware from here:

It says “matches more media” whereas the Code Guys only lists “improved burn quality.” As I’m looking to match more media (my TYs) wouldn’t I want to go with the second link?

I have never used any firmware on my 812S, it is as good as new. What new firmware would you recommend?

this is the newest and best firmware available:

I downloaded the zip file, but when I try to extract the four files, only then sonyid.exe firmware downloads. The other firmware,, and the two text files, omnipatcher.txt and readme.txt, are “corrupt” and will not extract.

I double-cliced the sonyid.exe firmware and it opened a DOS window, then the window closed. I am assuming that firmware flashed successfully. However, when I went to double-click the firmware I was told it was “corrupt.” Will having only ran of the two exes hurt my drive? What state is my drive in now?

What does the firmware do, and where can I get it? What do the text files say?

Thank you.

looks like you haven’t downloaded the file completely…

i reupped the file, try to download it here:

Nice, thank you so much!
Quick question: which exe should I run? The sony or non-sony for my liteon 812S?

When I try to run the non-sony exe it says this firmware works only on a liteon 832S drive. Should I still flash with it?

I am concerned that you have not read any of the warnings and suggestions for flashing firmware. Don’t do this until you know what you are doing. You can ruin your drive. Flashing is not hard but you shouldn’t do it until you read up.

I have no idea why you are messing with Sony versions. If you have a Liteon 812S why would you use Sony?

Go to and get the STOCK US0Q unscrambled. This is a good place to start. Then do some more reading there and here in the Liteon section.

download the firmware i’ve uploaded. there is no sony in the package…

OK, I ran the non-sony firmware and successfully flashed my drive from an 812S to an 832S. However, my -R Taiyo Yuden discs are still not burning properly. They have playback problems on my DVD player (whereas my -R and +R Verbatim discs do not).

Should I try the firmware from here for the increased media compatibility: liteon

you already have the newest firmware in your drive. plus yours is modded to improve burn quality.

Maybe you should scan and upload one of your bad burns.

I’m new to uploading scans of bad burns. Can you link me to another post or similar instructions on how to do this? Thank you.

Also, I read somewhere that the 8232S firmware can enable DL burning on the drive. Can anyone confirm this?

if you flash your drive with a 832S firmware, it will become able to write DL discs.

Just go to the advanced posting button at the bottom of this page.