Firmware Update Liteon 411sx

Hi all
This is my first venture into DVD copying. I have the 411sx burner which connects via my usb2 port on a laptop.
The F/W on my burner is FS06. I believe the latest is FS0H. Can someone tell me If the update process is the same as if I had an internal burner(411s).
Also what benefits(or problems) the upgrade may give me.
Can someone advise what DVD’s burn best on this burner?


The update process is the same, but you will need to be logged in as an administrator on a Windows 2000/XP system to flash an external device. Please make a backup of your FS06 firmware before flashing and send it to me if you wouldn’t mind please. You can use LtnFW to do this, see here.

The update should give you better write results with some media. My favorite media are TDK 4x DVD+R’s which are RICOHJPNR01’s.

Thank’s Dave,
I have managed to download ‘LTNFW’ & I have backed up ‘FS06’.
I noticed that this was a Binary file & that the new firmware from Liteonit was an executable after unzipping. So, I ran the executable to reflash and not LTNFW.
All seems Ok I have burnt a DVD Ok.
Thanks for the help on media type’s, I will give it a try. I supose though I must take into consideration on what player I intend to use for the burnt dvd’s.
I intend on buying the Ronin P80H in the near future.
Please advise me on how I can get this ‘FS06.bin’ to you.

You can use the email address in my signature or the one on my website.