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For those that are interested

I could not get MCSE or the rpc1 firmware to install through wine. It correctly detects the drive, however is not able to read the firmware parameters.

In VMWare-workstation 6.5.3, it did update successfully after:

  1. Adding a new SCSI device in VM->Settings->Hardware
  2. Click “Add”
  3. CD/DVD Device, Next
  4. Use Physical Drive, Next
  5. Typically it will autodetect your Physical Drive, but it is good to verify (Typically SATA drives are /dev/sr0 or /dev/scd0), Finish
  6. Click on the CD/DVD (IDE) device and then click “Advanced” in the lower right
  7. Change it from IDE to SCSI. If it is the only SATA CD/DVD device in the PC or is the only one you will want to use in VMWare, choose 0:0

To verify that the device is properly identified in VMWare. Go into Windows Device Manager. Under CD/DVD drives it should now show the complete hardware information for your CD/DVD drive instead of “Virtual IDE” device


If you point me to the firmware of the drive you are talking about I might be able to make a flasher for your drive… I already have on that works on linux for other LG drives but i have never tested it on a blueray so i want to see the firmware before suggesting it.


I went and downloaded the firmware for the drive from a japanes site and found that the flasher is the same one that many of the none blueray drives use and those drives my software supports.

if you need help getting the source and how to compile it just ask. Im sure it will work for you on linux. you might need root user privs to do it though not sure.


Thanks, I did a google search for a linux patcher and came up empty.

EDIT: Found your SF project, thanks.

I’ll test it and see if gentoo will add it to the repository.


if you let me know what gentoo your running i might be able to download the installer and build it in a virtual machine and send it to you.


I did some research to see how to make a program a bit more compatible with other linux distros and here is my attempt to make it work with your os with out building it specifically for your distro.

download it and go into a console, goto location of the file, extract it with: tar xf

run it:
replace [drive] with the dev path of your cdrom drive
example /dev/hda

  1. Backup main firmware
    ./flasher -d [drive] -m dump_main.bin

  2. Backup core firmware
    ./flasher -d [drive] -c dump_core.bin

  3. Flash drive with new firmware
    ./flasher -d [drive] -f official.bin


I tested it on Damn Small Linux so im guessing it should work on other distros also. :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t get back sooner

It works fine on gentoo, compiling from source.

I’m making an ebuild to send in for approval to testing branch.

Thanks again for the app :slight_smile:


EDIT: Found your SF project, thanks.


Thanks, but no go here with LG GH22NS40 and Linux, promise 20579 sata II 150.
dumping with -c or -d takes ages and reads dozens of MB of --debug output
resulting in size not matching errors and no output to files.

With --verbose all looks ok but system allows only reading every 3/10s.

-D works fine, dump attached.

Exe ripping not.

flasher -r GH22NS40_NL02.exe
Devilsclaw’s Renesas Utility
cmd_ripexe: Starting firmware ripping process
firm_ripexe: Unknown encryption type
cmd_ripexe: Failed firmware ripping process

No other found so far, does not extract temp files to disc. (84 KB)


you have to run it as root for one.


Same results as root.


The problem is now fixed in the newest version.


Thx, I’ll test backup tomorrow and report.


[QUOTE=devilsclaw;2502849]The problem is now fixed in the newest version.[/QUOTE]

Nope. Sorry for Your great work.

$ git status
# On branch master
# Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 5 commits.

$ uname -a
Linux xxxxx 2.6.39-bpo.2-amd64 #1 SMP Tue Jul 26 10:35:23 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux

# flasher --verbose -d /dev/sr1 -c lg-cnl01.bin
Devilsclaw's Renesas Utility
cmd_drive: Opening Drive: /dev/sr1.
0x00000000: 1200 0000 2400                          ....$.
SENSE: Size 24
0x00000000: 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................
0x00000010: 0000 0000 0000 0000                     ........

inquiry_d->p_qual = 0
inquiry_d->p_devtype = 5
inquiry_d->rmb = 1
inquiry_d->devtype_mod = 0
inquiry_d->iso_ver = 0
inquiry_d->ecma_ver = 0
inquiry_d->ansi_ver = 5
inquiry_d->aec = 0
inquiry_d->triop = 0
inquiry_d->resdata_for = 2
inquiry_d->reladr = 0
inquiry_d->wbus32 = 0
inquiry_d->wbus16 = 0
inquiry_d->sync = 0
inquiry_d->linked = 0
inquiry_d->cmdque = 0
inquiry_d->sftre = 0
inquiry_d->ven_id = HL-DT-ST
inquiry_d->p_id = DVDRAM GH22NS40 @NL01
inquiry_d->p_rev = NL01
inquiry_d->ven_spec = 
cmd_drive: Drive /dev/sr1 Opened.
cmd_dumpcore: Starting dumping process
0x00000000: 3c05 0000 0000 0080 0044                <........D
SENSE: Size 24
0x00000000: 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................
0x00000010: 0000 0000 0000 0000                     ........
firm_dumper: Failed to read from drive. Will write what we got so far
cmd_dumpcore: dumped size and firmware size missmatch

Same with -m, -D still works and prints area names, “servo rom” etc,
dump attached.

with --debug it looks like it does not increment read offset > 0xFFFF, it’s overflowing and looping ~5x from offset 0x0000 again, reads invalid output and dumps nothing.

And -r not working, too:

# flasher -r GH22NS40_NL02_speedpatched.exe
Devilsclaw's Renesas Utility
cmd_ripexe: Starting firmware ripping process
firm_ripexe: Unknown encryption type
cmd_ripexe: Failed firmware ripping process (128 KB)


Trying my luck here - I know this is the LG forum but I notice your flasher project doesnt tie itself to a manufacturer in the description :slight_smile: Are there any plans for Liteon code? I recently gained C progression but will be a n00b for some time.

Unfortunately the normal Liteon installers dont work in WINE (GNU/Linux Debian user here) so I need to look further afield, ideally finding a libre flasher.