Firmware update HELP!

I have a LiteOn LVW-5006 used in the UK.

I have been to the LiteOn site and downloaded the
firmware update file which is called

I extracted the one file that was in the folder which was

I used Nero to burn an ISO CD with the file on but when
inserted to the DVDRecorder it just says ‘Data Disc’

What am I doing wrong?

Also I was wondering if it was at all possible to upgrade the
5006 with a harddisc to make it a harddisc recorder too???

Thanks in advance

Did you finalize the disk?

Please power on your LVW-5001/5002/5005/5006 and then press Setup on the remote controller.
You should see the similar screen shown below on your TV set.

upgrade the
5006 with a harddisc to make it a harddisc recorder too???

no way…

It would seem the LiteOn recommended - cd in - method is not full proof. After reading some other threads I tried a system restore with the CD in… it worked!

Fully updated now.
New SN:0104-3244-0101-B20G(200-010D)

Yes, the restore to default with the update fw cd in the tray seems to be working for everybody!

Just to let you know the hacks and Ilo Hacker have not been working with the 0101 update with the 101 system firmware. You’ll have to go back to the 098 system firmware for the hacks to work.

Unfortunately I have already installed the 101 LiteOn firmware update on my 5005 and, as I now know, the hacks do not work on this version. Can someone please tell me where I can find firmware version 098 for my machine?

@Spanielfan - You mentioned that your serial number is 0104-1840-0090-G289 (103-0100). Just to play safe what country are you in? You are the 2nd person to request the 098 for this serial number and no one has responded or posted a link for it yet. Hopefully someone can help you and the other person as I do not have the 098 for the 0104 board.