Firmware update for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet causes random BSODs and boot issues



We’ve just posted the following news: Firmware update for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet causes random BSODs and boot issues[newsimage][/newsimage]

The January firmware update for Microsoft’s popular Surface Pro 3 tablet causes Blue Screens of Death (BSODs). Also heat issues have been reported and some report their device doesn’t properly startup and shutdown anymore.

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I’ll let go of telemetry altogether here to better be able to focus on the case.

I think such issues with Surface 3 are hurting Microsoft more than any failed Windows update for PC as the latter has to enter a plethora of hardware and and software configurations and is somehow expected to work in all of them, no matter what. I do defend Microsoft to some extent here as they simply can not foresee each and every odd configuration out there.

In this case however, it is Microsoft hardware and Microsoft OS and so the customers are more rightful to say “It better work!”… While not really in a comparable position, this is isolated more like iPad users getting a non-working update.
When the trouble indeed boils down to an issue concerning Microsoft firmware update / incompatible Microsoft driver and the fact that it is not the first time, I can not help but thinking that this is more than embarrassing for them, seen from a consumer point of view.


Are users still suffering from the “battery drain” issue? How long has it been since Myce posted about that issue? Four months, give or take? If this issue hasn’t been fixed yet, I can only assume that Microsoft cares more about finding new ways of implementing malware than making reliable software.

That said, bugs will happen. Every piece of software ever written will always have bugs, especially complex programs such as an entire operating system. But, for such a high-profile bug to remain unfixed is nothing short of embarrassing, especially given the points Xercus pointed out above.

Of course, I don’t know that the bug hasn’t been fixed, although it sounds like that’s the case from this article. Maybe it has been fixed. If so, that makes this entire rant a moot point.