Firmware update for LSA4163B

I have just read the readme with Firmware A104/5 which states that I must only have the GSA4163B on the secondary IDE and set as master before attempting to flash the Firmware. I recently purchased the LG whic has A103 firmware factory installed.

I also have a Liteon 812S (which was set as master prior to purchase of the LG) with a PioneerA05 as slave and regularly flashed the 812S whilst leaving the Pioneer attached to the IDE cable.

Now the LG is master with the Liteon as slave.

It is a pain in the a*** to open the case and unplug the Liteon just to flash the burner. What is the go with LG?

Has anyone flashed the LG whilst leaving another burner on the IDE cable?

You dont have to do that.

Don’t have to do what? What LG says?

Flash it no matter what channel it is hooked up to. Worked everytime for me!

I have flashed literally thousand of drives in my lifetime, and the only time the channel position might cause an issue is if you are already experiencing an actual problem because of device compatability (often DMA related) or a motherboard problem (usually BIOS related). If you are worried, the safest way is to flash in safe mode, as then DMA is disabled and most issues will not crop up anyway in that state. I usually flash new drives this way anyway as otherwise windows will redetect the drive after you update the firmware and I dislike registry clutter :wink:

LG makes weird instructions. The document for flashing their external model refers to a model 5163B (the name is in fact 5163D) and contains the same text about IDE channels etcetera. That is just silly, as there are only FireWire and USB ports. Do they want us to disassemble the whole thing?
(Of course I just flashed it via FireWire, no problem.)