Firmware update for Liteon SOHW-832S VS04



I just posted the article Firmware update for Liteon SOHW-832S VS04.

jan70 used our news submit to tell us
about this latest firmware update for the 832S LiteOn.

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Whoever does the changelog made a mistake… Bitsetting support already exists (and works) in VS01 and VS03. The proper changelog should be more along the lines of “fixed bug in VS03”


Match More Media


@code65536: I disagree with you because it only worked if I used Nero, if I used the LiteON utility nothing changed either VS01 and VS03… although I have not tested if VS04 works but I think it will work and I will test it…


Actually, no. No new media support for VS03->VS04…


I have tested it now… now it works with BookType utility too…