Firmware update for first-gen HD DVD players

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For those unlucky customers that bought a HD DVD player, there is a new firmware update. Version 3.0 should improve the network connectivity for supporting downloads of web-enabled network content on…

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" For those unlucky customers that bought a HD DVD player"… One could say that about the 1st and 2nd gen Blu-Rays as well. Oh… wait a minute… they cant be updated. Thats right; silly me. What was I thinking?

At least THOSHIBA cares about their customers. $ONY? All they care is the $$$!

As much as I liked HD-DVD, I was a dual format supporter, BluRay is 1000% easier to work with as are the tools. :+

Unlucky? My HD-DVD players, movies and high def theater work perfectly and consistently - and cost 1/3 of what even a bottom of the line profile 1.0 blu-ray player is priced at today. Movies cost 1/2 to 1/3 also. HD-DVD will hold me just fine until Sony/Matsushita manages to learn how to build reliable profile 2 blu-ray standalone players at something approaching a reasonable price. :X
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Sweet! I will update my hd dvd player when I get home! my tosh plays reg dvds better than my blu ray player and has better decoding chips inside (per isf calibration tech). He is looking for one for himself. :g