Firmware update for Benq dw-1655 in USA

I spoke to Benq technical support. They have no release date on when new firmware will be available for this drive. The issue involves only being able to burn verbatim dvd +r dl at 2.4x instead of 6x or 8x. They are not good in response to emails, but it took me 25 minutes to get tech support. They say to adjust settings in the program. However, I feel it a firmware update issue. I am using firmware version BCAB which is retail. I certainly hope they resolve the issue soon as many complaints i am sure are felt throughout the forum in regards to slow burning of discs that can be accomplished in 20 minutes instead of 45 minutes.

My system runs a Celeron 2.4 GHz, 128 mb NVIDIA graphics card, 1 GB of RAM, 3 HDD, benq dw 1655 and dvd rom 16x

On a different DVD Site, BerQ responded that they were not going to change the 001 version to burn any faster than 2.4X. They recommended getting the 003 media that is rated at 8X. Only time will tell if the response he got from BenQ will remain the same !!!

the media type i want is verbatim mkm 003 where do i get that? the firmware definitely needs updating. i sent an email to verbatim but they dont respond either. hard to find good help and support

I don’t think the "MKM 003"s are available in the USA…

Thats pretty messed up. If they have no intentions of providing 8x support for MKM 001 on the 1655/50, then I suggest people start an email campaign demanding it!

Just like the NEC forum did for scanning support, and it worked!

Well, a downloadable release of the current firmware would be sufficient :slight_smile:


ya id love a download release for BCAB as i have GCAB and wont very much to flash over to retail fw

If Benq doesn’t add support, I’m sure you will Ala :cool:

ala42, i would like that downloadable release of the bcab also.

Considering that was what i expected to see upon clicking the thread, i too would like the release of the BCAB firmware very soon, at the very least.

i have BCAB that came with me drive, is there a way i can extract it for ya all?

There’s no way yet.

Welcome back btw. :wink:

im the first to strat the email campaign…!!!

there has been seen a 1655 made in tw not china with made in oct on it but with sticker saying fw update 1-13-2006 BCDB so there is later fw but with no dumper there is no way to get to it

i want benq blitzed with email support for firmware updates. i want to burn at 6x and 8x not 2.4 x. i can drink a twelve pack quicker than it burns ;lol; like i said verbatim no help either.

Man you are good, I have searched every foreign site for updated firmware and came up with nada.

I’m a beta tester for dvdinfo pro, and the author just got 1655 that was from tw and it’s the one with BCDB fw, but it’s not much good knowing this, as no one has a dumper, so we are still waiting for benq to release an update to the web.

say what?
the most weird thing happend to me: i bought a benq DW1655 Bulk Version with the cheap cover/front (only including Nero OEM). but i have Firmware BCAB on the drive - isn’t that the Retail-Firmware?!?!?!?!

it seems that the bulk oem thats not under benq’s brand , ie. io magic sold in USA all have GCxx fw, but bulk oem benQ branded sold under benq name are BCxx fw, this is not that odd, the point I was making was not that the drive above had BCxx fw but that it had newer fw then the fw seen so far ie. BCDB vs BCAB. I hope I have cleared this up.

lets hope the firmware gets updated, man my time is valuable.