Firmware update for A08XL (or 108?)

I have a Pioneer A08XL. At least that’s what the retail box it came in says; it also looks like an A08XL (black metalic plate, round silver eject button, etc.). However ULead DVD tools display it as “108 1.10”. I’m guessing the 1.10 stands for the firmware rev. So I’m a little confused and a little hesitant to apply firmware updates:

  1. Is it a A08 or 108? Is it normal for A08’s to be identified as 108’s?

  2. I’m considering flashing this up to 1.14 or 1.18 or 1.19. Same confusion here. I’ve gone to sites listing A08XL firmware, but when I download the files in the A08XL folders, they are named as 108. Is this normal?

  1. Will the A08 be capable of bitsetting at all on +R media? That is the only reason I wish to flash it. If so, what firmware version do I need?

  2. If I inadvertently flash a A08 with 108 (I’ve seen the PIODATA 108 supports bitsetting), can I damage it permanently?

  1. It seems to be A08XL - meaning A08 with Xtras (speed control etc)
  2. Enhanced XL are the files you need
  3. No it will not bitset +R media (only +R DL)… you should use the Piodata firmware
  4. I guess no damage to the drive will follow but you will be unable to use the Xtra features; but you can revert to the full version flashing it back (now for this I am not 100% sure so read other threads to find out)