Firmware update for 1633S **Officially out**

BSOC is officially Available on the liteon website

Can anyone tell if it is any different from what is already available?

Doesn’t appear to be a functioning download linked to it.

The link is functional, the zip file contains the exe as usual, try again.

I had a similar problem, I had to disable my pop up killer…

It doesn’t work here, but I was unable to download any firmware from this page :confused:

It was Firefox that had the trouble here, IE works OK.

Yes, the download is via a pop up so if you a using Win XP/SP2 or a pop up killer, you have to temporarily disable that first.

The newly posted “official” BS0C appears identical to the previously available BS0C.

I did a compare using The Firmware Flashing Tool, which also said it was identical, I was not 100% sure if I did it right…

Thanks anyways RDGrimes

They have identical media codes and also the same dates.

Link for Mozilla/Opera users… :smiley:

BTW, this link can help all the rest behind a pop-up killer/firewall. :cool:

much better result.especially on cheap media like dvsn,vdspmsab01,001 but worse on aml001. i thx they use different stract otherwise they wouldnt put it as a update fw. pls note the previous version they post is bs05 never saw before. worth to try it, but not perfect.

I just extracted the bin file from the official BS0C and it is identical to the one we already have, which is to be expected really, as they would have changed the version if it was different. :wink:

It’s not a popup problem. The idiot who designed the page decided to be cute and use VBScript for initiating the download, which is dumb, since VBScript is proprietary IE stuff.

But why bother with that when you can just download the same BS0C complete with an unscrambled flasher from our website? :wink: