Firmware update failed for DH-20A3L

I have update Codeking’s FB FR EOS firmware for my DH-20A3L, however, when the flash process is nearly complete, the update utility is show the process is “Writing” for more than 10 mins., so I restart the computer then cannot detect the DH-20A3L, I have bin format firmware for my DH-20A3L, Is it possible using others flash utility to recover my writer’s firmware normally??

Sorry for my poor English!!


Check out this page, especially “How to flash your drive with mtkflash”:

if that doesn’t work, check codeguys site

I don’t believe SATA drives can be recovered. IIRC, you can only recover parallel ATA drives. (I would love to be corrected on this, though.)

In any case, [I]mtkflash[/I] won’t work with these drives, as they have serial flash chips [it would just error out]. [I]XSF[/I] [on the page [B]PumaUK[/B] linked to] would be required.

Thank you for all recommendation

I tried the MTKflash with ICH5R motherboard, cannot detect my drive also.

I search with Google before and find some people can using MTKflash to flash other SATA drive for X-BOX 360 with very complicated process. however, it is not working for my Liteon’s drive.

Finally, I just send it to local agent for RMA and exchange with a RMA’ed old model drive.

Thanks all:bow::bow::bow: