Firmware update failed! Dead drive?



I have a DW-D22A, purchased about a month ago. It works fairly well, but I have been making my way through an old set of Ritek G03s and it has made several coasters.

So I decided to upgrade the firmware. I made a backup like a good boy (BYS2 firmware), then attempted to upgrade to the BS0S I downloaded from LiteOn. Machine locked up in the middle of it. When it came back up, the DVD drive is not recognized, and thus further attempts to either restore the old firmware or flash the new one fail.

Sony does not claim any support for the drive, and Lite-On barely acknowledges its existence—and won’t let me register it. I have contacted the online store I bought it from, but have not yet heard from them.

Is there a way to reset the drive physically, or did I just create a $60 paperweight for myself?

thanks for any help!

(sorry for the double-post, but I realized that no one would likely see it in the other thread)


@ kaulike
hmm …and i just answered you there


THANK YOU THANK YOU <grovel grovel grovel>… I’ll post on success or failure


SUCCESS! I am happily burning more coasters now—I guess the newer drive simply doesn’t like the old media. It also really didn’t like having a firmware update fail, but it is back in business now. please, I owe you a karmic beer, thanks very much for finding that link.


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