Firmware update error HELP

Hello to everyone; I know this is not the right forum and I apologize but i need to make this work by tonight.

I’ve got this REALLY shitty dvd-rw named Artec VOM-12e48x(I didn’t buy it) who reads about 40% of dvds and writes about 10% at a speed above 1x So I decided to upgrade the firmware (only 2 versions 100a and 100d for a drive that’s at least a year old, may I add) mainly because my brother’s drive -Asus DRW 0804p(107d 1.18 modded)- doesn’t read all the dvds written with this crap( ex: in a time interval of 1hour i wrote 6 TDK’s 8x - the ASUS red only 4 of them - WTF?!o0) .

BAD idea. I used the dos flash tool that came with the firmware(100d) followed the instructions precisely( flash 4 w /b ;4-secondary slave, 3-secondary master) and BOOM(not really) input error!! updated 00%.

Of course, the drive doesn’t work anymore and it’s not recognised by the BIOS. IS THERE ANY WAY TO FIX IT?

Welcome to the forum, but please dont cross post. Your existing thread in the Main Optical drive forum was the correct place to post this.

Regarding the drive. You could try the other available firmware and try again, although if the BIOS cant see the drive its probably dead for good.