Firmware update between different versions

I apologize if this is written in any of the faq’s (i have browsed through them quickly but i don’t want to break any rules in my first post :cop: ).

I have the 40x w version that’s been updated with the v02 firmware to 48x. Is it possible for me to update from v02 to for instance v08? Or do i have to restore it to the original firmware first? I will be using the dos interface that i heard can flash the old bios over newer.

In other words which versions updates to which other versions (or do they all update to any version if you use the dos program)?

Once you have “converted” to a 48x drive, you may use any of the liteOn Windows-version flashers to update the drive. VS08 is highly recommended.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will use dos anyway because i don’t trust XP with such tasks. Just a bit paranoid i guess.