Firmware update Benq 1650

I went on Decrypter to check on my firmware it is “tane”, went to firmware update page, showed a newer firmware
“toae”, when it came up everything was in Japanese. The older updates when double-clicked started the “Run” option.Any ideas?

I suggest to not use this method to update firmware. Check instead on BenQ website what is latest firmware available and download it from the site.

Latest firmware available is BCIC

Geno has the right idea. Flash to all of them and see what works best for you.

I have never heard of BenQ f/w tane and toae :disagree:

Went to the site flashed it then recieved a message, “This disk is not allowed to upgrade.”

Hi :slight_smile:
Your current f/w is known as third party.
So for BCIC f/w to be used. You’ll technially have to crossflash.
You can do this using Quikees BQFlasher. See link in my sig.

Thanks’s for all the help, I found out this is a Benq DVP 1650v Dvrom The firmware for this offbeat model was Taoe I finally found a site and got the upgrade.

BenQ made a really bad decision in using 1650 as a model number for both their DVD burner (DW1650) and a couple of DVD-ROM drives (1650V and 1650T). This makes it confusing and everyone on this forum normally assumes you’re talking about the DW1650 DVD burner.

Do NOT try to flash your BenQ 1650V DVD-ROM with firmware intended for the DW1650 DVD burner.

Hi :slight_smile:
Came back to tell you what you already found out.
Glad you didn’t flash your drive.

Thanks for all the help. Question, was does a cross flash do? I understand you can use a different firmware then the one normally used for your burner?