Firmware update available for the Samsung LNT 71 Series LCD TV's

For people in the US just call Samsung and they will send you the FW update. For some reason in Canada they will not send it to you and it requires a service call. Guess they don’t want us getting out of our igloo’s.:confused: Here is the reason for the update.

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[LEFT]A Partial Solution For The Triple Ball Effect
The Triple Ball Effect Problem
The triple ball effect (TBE) - in which fast moving objects such as thrown footballs appear in triplicate or have trails - occurs on Samsung LNT 71 series
LCD TVs (LN-T4671, LN-T5271, etc.) when you turn on the Motion Plus function.
Samsung has a firmware update for LNT 71 series TVs that eliminates TBE when the Motion Plus function is set to low and mostly eliminates TBE
when Motion Plus is set to medium. It does not, however, eliminate TBE when Motion Plus is set to high. We are working on an update that eliminates
TBE when Motion Plus is set to high, and hope to have this available soon.
Note: After the firmware update is installed, some sets may still display TBE when Motion Plus is set to medium.
To get the current firmware update, please call Samsung Customer Care at 1-800-Samsung (1-800-726-7864). Please have the model number and
serial number of your TV on hand when you call.
Recommendations for Using Motion Plus
After you install the firmware update, please follow these recommendations:
• Set Motion Plus to low or medium only. Do not set it to high.
• If you see the TBE when you set Motion Plus to medium, reset Motion Plus to low.
• Only use Motion Plus when you are watching sporting events and other events or programs where there is fast motion.
• Turn off Motion Plus when watching programs that do not have fast motion. Leaving Motion Plus on for programs that do not have fast motion can
cause the picture to stutter[/LEFT]