Firmware update 4521b

I nave downloaded the new firmware (ver 1.05) for LG-4521B combo drive. When I try to run the software (GCC-4521B105(E).exe) it doesn’t work. The reply is "cd-rom drive model doesn’t match ". I have followed the instructions corectly but nothing helps. How can I update this drive.

Athlon XP 2600+ Barton
512 Twinmos PC400
EPOX 8RDAE NForce 2 400
Gainward FX5600
LG-4521B combo drive.

I made an upgrade to 1.03 to this drive but on another computer.

HELP!!cd-rom drive model doesn’t match

Hi I just ordered this drive. How do you like it? Is it fast? Do you get good burns? And is it pretty silent?

It’s a strange drive. It’s silent fast an so on but it has problems reading some CD. I can’t make a firmware upgrade. I will probably change it!

Is yours OEM or Retail drive? Maybe this site can help.

I just flashed the 1.05 firmware to my drive. Worked great.

The drive is a Retal version. My frend flashed it with no problems bui I can’t make it!

I have just bought one and there are full instructions regarding upgrading the firmware. My problem is not exactly this, it is that it is not recognised on my G4 PowerMac. Anyone out there know about Mac’s? :confused: :bow: