Firmware unzipping problem



I went to the benq support site and downloaded the .zip file of the B7V9, hit unzipped and this box came up with this error “Some data in your zip is damaged. the crc is 5a90b9b0 but should be 96d73dae”

this was copied from win zip
Extracting to “E:\dvd copy shit\Firmware”
Use Path: yes Overlay Files: no
Extracting B7V9.EXE
bad CRC 5a90b9b0 (should be 96d73dae)

is this program still ok to run?


try dloading again :slight_smile:


might be a corrupt download…delete and download it again…

edit: meh


he he he :slight_smile:


same thing should i got for the fourth

EDIT: fifth was the charm


ted1085 will become a cdfreaks diehard, just from asking questions… :slight_smile:

Just kidding!


haha i hope not, i just want this to start workin without anymore problems


and so did you fix it in the end old chap?


yes everything is fixed now and working good thank god, keepin my fingers crossed :), waiting for the new power supply before i can start burning some dvds :iagree:


Which power supply did you end up getting?


the 350 one you suggest but from amazon = cheaper :slight_smile: :iagree:

prices are outrageous for those things in stores like Best Buy, etc… for a 350 antec it was like $65 at BB and for a 450 antec it was $65 on amazon.