Firmware trouble with PIONEER DVD-RW DVR 107D

Hey guys,
Xcellent site. Really cool. Was hoping you guys could help me out. got this DVR 107D model and updated the firmware to 1.21 but thath hasn’t helped. the problem i face is that when i use Ashampoo burnoing studio 6 or nero no matter what i try it’ll always burn quarter of the DVD file and give me an error message of some kind. Tried flashig it but no luck. Please advice. should i update the firmware to 1.22? the driver version of the PIONEER DVD-RW DVR 107D i’m using is 5.1.2535.0. Need your help guys…

Lemme know.


Hi Iron_Raven, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Sounds like a media issue, and flashing the firmware to the latest version wouldn’t hurt.

Can you download CD-DVD Speed, put one of the discs in that you’re trying to burn, click on the “Disc Info” tab, then post the MID info for the disc?

Could be that it’s either not good media, or the drive’s firmware doesn’t support it. :slight_smile:

Also, if Ashampoo offers you an error log, can you post it here? Cheers :slight_smile: