Firmware to work with clone cd

Does anyone know what is the best firmware to use with the plextor 24x? Heard rumours that the 1.00 it ships with is really dodgy, but 1.02 is beter. Is 1.08 any good? I am talking in terms of backing up copy - protected games. If anyone knows, could you share your knowlege with me?!


you mean 1.03 right???
thats the newest firmware you can get for plex 24x.
i would say yes and get this one for sure.
my plex 24x works great with it.


1.08 is for the PX-W1210A :slight_smile: Even v1.09 is out I believe. In short you could say the latest firmware is always the best although on the other hand: if your writer is working ok there’s no need to upgrade. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it :slight_smile: Mostly when a new firmware version is posted you can view a changelog.