Firmware to slow down reading speed and noise in a nec3500 or nec 4751

Hello, I need to use a nec3500a or nec 4571a as dvix player with my HDD Media Player (Freecom 350). The problem is that the unit start to read dvd and cd at full speed generating a lot of noise (also with original firmware). Can you have a firmware to slow down (max 4x) reading speed? It will never works with a pc or burnings dvd or cd, I only need a low reading speed to reduce noise.

Sorry for my english… I’m italian.


You can slow it down using software. DriveSpeed should work. Check

No, I can’t, as I wrote I don’t use this drive with windows/linux/osx/etc. but I use it with a mediaplayer that has a proprietary os as external usb driver.

I have the same issue with a 3500 in a freenas system its probably the fastest dvd reader ive used but its also very loud

I didn’t realize it was an embedded system. Are you sure it’s not running some Linux flavor that’d let you change the boot process? :slight_smile: