Firmware that combines the best features

Hi everyone, I crosslinked this post from one of the other threads, it fits better here.

I was wondering if any of you fw-guru’s out there, have any idea of what the ETA is on a 2510a-based firmware that combines the best features of the 2.16-hack, with the best features of 1.07 v2 beta5?

I guess the firmware I’m looking for should support the following features:

  • speeded up media
  • RPC1
  • riplock removal
  • bitsetting
  • DL burning support
  • more stable rw-burns
  • and more…?

Is this merely a dream of mine that will never come true, or can I get my hopes up?

Look in first post of thread…
I’ll think you answer is in 2 download links :slight_smile:

Ummm… I’m pretty sure torsoli specifically said that he/she wanted something newer than 1.07v2b5dl!!!


Well, it would be nice to see a newer firmware with far newer write strategies implemented!

That’s correct Terminalvelocd :slight_smile:

The way it is now, I can’t really decide whether to go with 1.07v2b5 or the modified 2.16… As Zebra says, nothing would be better than seing some firmware that got the best of both worlds, and with newer strategies.


Since there are no news of such firmware, you have to choose between the ability to do SL bitsetting ( 1.07v2b5 ) or newer write strategies and ritek dl support ( 2.16 )
For my needs i stick with herrie’s, since my nec is performing well with all the media i’m currently using
btw…i still have to try dl support…i have a verbatim mkm001 but didn’t choose yet what to backup :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopfully the 2.16 news(Ritek DL support) will be implemented in the 2510 based 1.07Beta5 for 2510 that is just around the corner.

Yeah I guess so andreapappy. Perhaps 1.07v2b5 is the best choice at this moment after all, though I’m still uncertain :slight_smile:

But as you mention Gamers, such a 2510-based firmware would be very nice to see, and when that arrives, I’ll probably install it right away… Do you have any clue of when that firmware will be done?

Do you have any clue of when that firmware will be done?

I’ll think it depends on Herrie…