Firmware (Teac DV-W28ECT)



[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Teac DV-W28ECT. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]I have this burner in my Toshiba Tecra S5-10X notebook, but I can’t find new firmware, if there is any available. My current firmware version is 7.5A. So, anybody knows where to find newer firmware? Thanks, Goran


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Have you checked with Toshiba support for Firmware for your Teac DV-W28ECT Drive installed in your Toshiba Tecra S5-10X notebook?



I want the latest update of a ATAPI DVD A DH20A4P


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Out of curiosity what does a request for Lite-On DH20A4P Firmware have to do with Firmware for a Teac DV-W28ECT Drive ?

Suggest visiting the dedicated Lite-On DVD Burner Forum ( for Lite On DH20A4P Firmwares.

Perhaps reviewing the below Lite-On DH20A4P thread will be helpful ->