Firmware TDK 880N on NEC ND-2500A rocks

I just installed my new burner: NEC-2500A, i red in this forum that it have problemes when reading bad/low quality cd: IT’S TRUE.
I try to read a black CD (it 's from ‘lead data’ and it’s like a plystation CD: all surface is black), well, burner dosen t read it, it accelerate, stop, jump, fly…sky…ecc.
In a previous post, dg1qkt said that he solved a write problem on 2500A apply TDK 880n firmware, so i flash with TDK and magically it read all without problems.
Simply it rocks!

good news, i’ll try it when i’ll go home (i’m at office actually) :slight_smile:

Awesome! Increasing its reading ability takes care of the NEC’s only weakness! And to think it’s not a hardware problem but firmware?

Are there other threads were others are experiencing similar good results?

I would be more interested in the burn quality on diff. media w/ the TDK firmware… Maybe you get good reads, but the burns get worse?

Sounds very nice.

I believe a lot of people are curious if this can help the famous(?) Ritek 4x problem. :slight_smile:
(For me, all Ritek 4X worked very well.)

Can anybody test DVD readibility of this case?
NEC 2500A is a horrible reader, my one can’t read many DVDs created by TEAC W50E (with Pioneer 105 firmware).

Well, my TEAC drive was never a good writer and it finally stopped writing anything. So most blame belongs to it but anyway it was truely a tough reader and reads most disks that NEC fails and complains.

i burn CD, CD-RW, CD+R at the moment and there is no problem, i try my old CD and it read very well, i don’t try ripping or clone, i don’t have anything to clone, i think someone more expert then me should make exaustive tests, i can only say that i see better read performance after flashing.

CMC and Princo have slightly higher errors for me (but not enough to moan about) and Mirror 4X DVD+R still burn at 2.4x (compared to the original 1.06 firmware) For some reason i got 2 bluescreens with it as well :confused:

I dont have any riteks and i have not done any read tests, sorry.

I changed firmware from 1.06H to TDK’s hacked soft (dangerous brothes) and made some reading test (to check if weak reading quality is a question of HW or SW)
DAE test and scandisk on NERO shows clearly - nothing important changed. This drive reads cd’s the same way with the same number of bad sectors.
During this weekend i hope make much more test on various media.

i use original TDK 880n firmware mailed me from this forum, comparison file test say 2 file have 10 differences.
I can mail it to anyone.

could u maybe email me a copy of it?



I have put the NEC firmware back on as it is slightly better writing the discs i have.

will the tdk firmware write ritek r03 +R disks at 8x?

No, as another member of this forum tested for me they will not.

In my case, this firmware doesnen’t solve my ritek g04 writing problem…

Try Herries BitSetting Firmware beta 7 its based on the HP 420i 1.25 fimware and uses the +R write strategy from the 1.06 NEC 2500A firmware.

runs great on all disk i have tried

(also sorts out a lot of Write speed problems)

get it here

:bow: :bow: Thank You Herrie:bow: :bow: