Firmware starts but never finishes! help!

I want to flash the firmware so i can burn some memorex 4x. the current firmware is fso5, on my 411s.

i can start the firmware, it locates the drive fine, it goes through a “programming 1% - 100%” mode, and then stops. it never moves beyond the 100% programming message.

i have let it go for hours, but no soap. requires a hard reboot.

i have a via kr7a mb, if that means anything. i’ll give any more specs anyone needs.

please, this is my 3rd (!) 411S, the first two went back under warranty, i’ getting tired of this sub-standard quality LiteOn!!!

Well what does it say then after you rebooted? Does the drive work, is it using the new firmware? Or did it get muffled?

You could try flashing with WinMTKFlash or other BIN-flashers. Checkout the Tools sticky.

no it doesn’t muffle the drive, it just keeps the original firmware as if nothing ever happened.

i was reading the faqs about bin flashing from pure dos, but the only thing i couldn’t find was the BIN. I have the EXE of the latest firm, oJ, but that won’t work for the dos flash, or will it?

thanks for your reply. any help is appreciated

i flashed in pure dos mode to fs0j, thanks to all mods and admins for helping