Firmware Sony AW-G170A 1.72 on Optiarc AD-7173



I have the Optiarc AD-7173 but i don’t use the labelflash function.
Can I flash my Optiarc AD-7173 with the Firmware Sony AW-G170A 1.72?


If you crossflash, you will lose your warranty.
Leaving the 7173 (with Labelflash) firmware will not do any harm. I would recommend staying with the 7173 firmware.


Ok, but the Firmware Sony AW-G170A 1.72 uses the best writing strategies. :slight_smile:


I have a Sony AW-G170A with 1.71 firmware. Has 1.72 version of firmware for AW-G170A been released?:confused:


The bootcode for the G170/AD-7170 is different from the AD-7173 so the firmware is not compatible. If you try to force G170 firmware onto a 7173 you will end up with a non working drive.


Hi, My Sony Aw-170a has problem, some times it cann’t see the cd and most of the time it cann’t finish the writing process and cd or dvd after burining is useless,
I have tried to flash it, could get backup but when I want to flash it, the message error comes up: “ERROR SUBMITTING CHECKSUM ERROR WHILE FLASHING FIRMWARE”.

Thanks in advance


Please check the message at the bottom of this page.