Firmware /software for Plextor Premium

I have bought a used Plextor Premium CD-Rewriter, and wait for it to arrive in the mail.
I remember that back in the days the software people used together with this drive was Plextools, Blindwrite, CloneCD and some more.
I bought it for Audio CDs, and would like to kindly ask if somebody could tell me which firmware and software was most successful for this drive for accurate Audio CD ripping. (and eventually writing).

Regards, Erlend


The firmware will depend on the version of the Premium you have. Standard Premium or Premium 2.

I believe in both cases the latest firmware is the one of choice, Premium 1.07 or Premium 2 1.03 here:

The latest version of Plextools, for the Premium, to access all the functions is 3.16. Available here,com_jdownloads/Itemid,55/catid,86/cid,470/task,

You can also use EAC for ripping here:

Thank you very much Sonic2171!

I would like to add my Thanks as well. I was looking for drive firmware as well the link for the latest plextools.

Thank’s, also!