Firmware search help

where can i find the firmware file to make my dvdrw drive compatible with higher speed discs? only id i can find for my writer is DVDRW IDE1004. need to be able to write to 8X blank dvds, i think it is only capable of 2X and will not work on any other types right now. any help will be greatly appreciated.

what firmware do you use currently ?
I own myself an BTC 1004 IM and it burns the most ricohjpn TTG01 and MCC Discs quite well.
There is a program called driveupdate for the btc drives(you can get the actual firmware easier with that but dont use that tool in combi with nforce2 drivers lol) .
The best thing post it in the btc forum. XD
Here the BTC link
select your Country/region and go to service and support in the top menu there you select Drivers/Firmware.
Second solution get driveupdate from and update your drive with that.
I forgot to mention the BTC is a really picky drive when it comes to certain cheaper media.