Firmware Rollback

I updated the firmware on my LITE-ON LTR-52327S. This was a terrible mistake. It is now much slower and pickier about the cds it will read. I will not even read many of the cds it burned. I would like to rollback the firmware. If you people cannot help me this drive is going in the trash and I will never purchase lite-on again. It’s a shame they used to be an awsome company. I am really frustrated i need this for a project.

any1 know where i can get the old firmware im going insane. I have to put the cd in like 30 times before it even recognizes there’s a cd in there wtf It worked perfectly before the firmware “update”

Perhaps the drive thought it was time to die. It IS an old drive.

Google for CD-R Server.

Firmware update doesn’t usually cause a drive to burn slowly (to a death), check your DMA settings.

If you know the previous version, you might find it at

Its not dead. It burns at normal speed and no problems. It’s the cd reading that went down the drain after the firmware update. It wont read 40% of cds i put into it anymore and the ones it does read it takes it like a minute to recognize there’s anything in there, it used to be instantly, and rarely that i would put a cd in that it wouldn’t read.

The reason I was even using this ancient piece of hardware is because my LG dvd burner reads cds very slow and wont recognize them half the time. but now my lite-on drive is doing it too.

It is not the cd either, I can put it into my ancient 52x cd reader from 2002 and it will recognize the cd almost instantly. Its too bad I have to open it with a paper clip every time.

google is your friend